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Rita wearing her Purple magnet Print for We Are All Onesie

My name is Rita Lichtwardt, aka Rita Lux and I’m an Illustrator/ Concept artist from Los Angeles. I love drawing and coming up with fun characters and costumes. Expression and personality inspire me. I come from the world of fantasy, animation, sci fi, and video games. I hope to make eye candy imagery that inspires people toward fearless self expression. 

I'm a freelance concept artist / illustrator, as well as sell my original paintings and custom apparel. For inquiries contact me at info@ritalux.com.


Rita Lichtwardt grew up in Burbank, CA in a very creative home. Her mother Leticia Lichtwardt was a 2d animator for 25 years, working for Disney for 10+ years, Warner Brothers, Dic and most of the other animation studios throughout her career. When Rita was a child her mother would take her and her sister Alanna to the Disney animation building for day care. When Rita was pre teen she would wander around the studio admiring the development art of feature animation. This left a huge impression on her and her dreams were set to be a concept/ storyboard artist when she grew up. 

Her childhood was also deeply influenced by comic books and super hero universes. When she was a child she learned to draw from copying comic panels and X-men characters. In high school she created a collection of original characters and won a scholarship to Otis College of Art and Design. 

After graduating Otis College she started working as a storyboard artist at Storyboards Online, then worked at Electronic Arts. From there Rita worked in feature animation doing junior storyboarding for Illumination Entertainment on the animated film "Despicable Me," and Imagi Animation, As a freelancer she did illustration for various companies like Disney Consumer Products and Ember Lab where she did  creature concept design on the sci-fi fi short film "Dust."

 Rita then worked in house at Mattel Inc. as an illustrator for Barbie and their other toy brands for 5 years. While at Mattel Rita helped redesign Barbie's graphic look for Consumer Products. Rita then continued to work as a freelancer, where she redesigned the brand My Little Pony, and worked on an upcoming Disney Princess brand update for Hasbro (coming out in 2018).

Rita continues to work on original character designs and IP development with her husband Eoin Colgan and close friend Gavin Ridling. She also sells prints of her original character art and abstract fine art.

Rita started her fine art collection in late 2014, and continues to be inspired by the natural world, upcoming trends and styles. Rita works often with her partner Eoin Colgan www.emeraldeon.com on IP development and commissions. 



I have been into art making for as long as I can remember. It always made me feel good providing art to others. I love making work that speaks to people on the emotional level. My hope for my work is to provide a beautiful visual meditation. Art moves, inspires or calms people. I feel that we are most at peace surrounded by nature or shapes that mimic nature. This provides a quiet and relaxed mind. Shapes of the natural world inspire me, and I would like that my work calms or stimulates your imagination. I am traditionally trained as an illustrator, with many years experience in storyboarding and anatomy drawing.


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